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Services Overview

Company Expertise +

  • Specialists in gas system design
  • Project management
  • LPG consultancy 
  • Gas pipework installations
  • Reticulated gas networks
  • Polyethylene pipe welding and underground services
  • Bulk LPG facilities and liquid LPG installations
  • Gas boilers, burners and gas equipment installations
  • Servicing and maintenance programmes for LPG facilities, boilers, burners and equipment
  • Commercial and Industrial gas fitting
  • 24 Hour 0800 emergency response service
  • Site Safe members and Site Wise accredited

Staff Experience and Skills +

  • Knowledge of:
    • LPG – technical and industry
    • Comparative energy
    • LPG equipment and best fit for applications
    • LPG regulations and legislative requirements
    • Environmental benefits of LPG
  • Gas advisory and energy needs analysis for our customers
  • Proven Health and safety and site safe work practices
  • Staff health monitoring and wellbeing checks
  • Experienced and resourceful staff and certifying gas fitters
  • Largest team of specialist LPG gas fitters in New Zealand
  • ASME IX qualified welders
  • Expertise in burner controls and tuning
  • Gas appliance verification and certification.
  • Gas detection systems and leakage detection.
  • Trained in confined space entry, MEWP and working at heights
  • Quality and safety focused team environment
  • Consistency, reliability and dependability
  • National and international experience and qualifications

Plant Material and Gas Industry Relationships =

  • Calibrated specialist plant and equipment
  • National and international materials and equipment supply
  • Energy supply relationships
  • LPGA affiliation and support
  • Modern, efficient and safety focused vehicle fleet


  • Successful project completion
  • Reliable service response
  • Turnkey customer solutions
  • Seamless installation process
  • Quality results
  • Satisfied customers

Investment in on-going staff training and upskilling and the latest gas equipment and plant ensures completion of projects and maintenance to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our Services

Commercial Gas Installations

New LPG installations are growing rapidly in popularity for commercial and industrial businesses as local environmental issues, particulate emissions and New Zealand’s commitment to agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol play an important role in business planning. In addition, the cost efficiencies inherent indirect-fired gas equipment are now being given higher priority in new commercial building projects.

A number of businesses are ‘future-proofing’ by having gas pipework installed at the construction stage. Investment in gas reticulation networks continues as gas is seen as a clean, cost-effective, and low-carbon fuel. Businesses are seeing LPG as a strategically sensible choice for improving operating costs and as part of their contribution to a cleaner workplace and commitment to a cleaner environment as we transition to a low carbon future.

Gas Engineering Services has a team of experienced gas fitters enabling us to assist with most gas fitting requests from the largest industrial bulk tank liquid LPG system to your typical residential installation consisting of water heater, hob/oven, gas fire, and the odd BBQ outlet. We have established ourselves as the leading gas installation company in the South Island and continue to build on our strong working relationships within the construction sector.

Our extensive knowledge base has us working closely with professional consultants to design efficient and safe gas systems for schools, universities, retirements villages, industrial processing plants, and retail food tenancies, right down to domestic installations.

Whatever your gas requirements, we aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

GES Commercial Gas Installations

Equipment Servicing

Scheduled servicing of gas installations and equipment reduces disruption to the business from breakdowns and ensures optimum working conditions are attained, providing peak operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The importance of having a properly maintained energy system should not be underestimated. “If a system is properly maintained there are fewer unscheduled interruptions, reduced emissions and an overall reduction in operating costs.”

Gas Engineering Services offers our clients a scheduled maintenance programme of LPG facilities, boilers, burners, and equipment that is tailored to your individual needs. “We service everything from water heaters, school laboratory systems, commercial kitchens, industrial processing plants, and bulk storage sites We also provide maintenance and emergency response for bulk facilities and gas networks for the major energy suppliers. We welcome your enquiry.

With such a diverse client mix, we prefer to work on individual schedules with clients, rather than set service contracts. “That way, our clients are only paying for the services they need, rather than a set annual fee.” The company’s highly qualified team can respond to emergencies such as gas leaks immediately, while we aim to attend to plant and equipment breakdowns within the hour. “We also provide a 24-hour emergency response service for our commercial, industrial, and energy supply companies.

A growing part of Gas Engineering Services business is the fitting of new “condensing” boiler systems and instantaneous water heaters that are returning efficiencies of up to 98%. This compares to 85% being achieved by most standard boilers. There are condensing boilers to fit the smallest domestic dwellings, through to the largest commercial or industrial operations, while condensing systems can also be retrofitted to many existing boiler systems.

The importance of correct maintenance on all gas-burning equipment should be regarded as a clever strategic move by business owners and managers. It will surely lead to fewer interruptions and an overall reduction in operating costs.

GES Equipment Servicing

Residential Gas Fitting

We are the #1 gas fitting company in the South Island specialising in every facet of the gas industry. 

For all your residential gas fitting requirements, Gas Engineering Services specializes in the design and installation of LPG systems and appliances. This could be anything from modern and efficient radiator or warm air central heating systems through to flame effect gas fires, cooking facilities, and hot water generation.

Gas is a very real alternative when looking at energy options going forward. Modern gas appliances are highly efficient, have a reduced carbon footprint, and can operate on multiple gaseous fuels including Bio-LPG. Our experience in the residential market is vast with years of history coming from our dedicated team of gas fitters. We listen carefully to your needs and advise on the best solutions to achieve your desired outcome.

We can work from plans for new homes or we can visit your home to assess and discuss your requirements. We have access to a huge range of appliances and the most modern and efficient equipment. If you are looking to build or renovate and would welcome the experience and dedication of Christchurch’s leading gas fitting company, give us a call or contact us through the website.

I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

GES Residential Gas Fitting

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