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Why has my gas appliance stopped working?

So you’ve checked there’s gas, the extractor fan is working, and the solenoid is energized, other appliances are running without issue but you’re still having issues with an appliance. The chances are there is an issue with your flame failure device.  

A flame failure device is installed so that in the event the flame goes out, no gas will continue to flow. In many circumstances in New Zealand, particularly in Christchurch, an appliance has to have flame failure devices fitted to be compliant. This could be due to the flame itself not being visible at all times, or because of the high output

There are a plethora of different types of flame failure, but the most common types operate similarly. The most frequently installed is a thermocouple, which works by the thermocouple being heated up in the burner flame (or pilot) which creates a small electrical current, opening up the main valve on a burner.

Over time these devices can become faulty, whether that be through excessive heat or carbon buildup. There could also be issues if the thermocouple has been knocked out of place and isn’t in the flame any longer.

Our advice for residents of Christchurch is to call Gas Engineering Services ASAP. We operate 24/7 and keep the parts required to get you back up and running. We can troubleshoot what has caused the fault to your appliance and advise on solutions for the future to help prevent this from happening again.

A regular, comprehensive service may pick up on potential appliance failures long before they present themselves, call GES today and book in your service.